<h3> Quit smokingÖ..is hazardous for your health (optimistic advices for those, who canít quit smoking) </h3> <p> As a result of numerous attempts to give up smoking I came to rather unexpected conclusion that I donít have to quit smoking, becauseÖ <p> 1) Itís hazardous to my health. Firstly to my mental health. <p> Now, when I smoke regularly, and even donít get the idea into my head that I have to get rid of this habit, - Iím relaxed, everything is fine. But as soon as I think about giving up smoking I slump, become nervous and actually going crazy. I tried to quit the habit, but sooner or later the moment came when I was longing to take a cigarette. As a result my self-esteem suffered: I lost my temper and took a cigarette, it meant to me that I couldnít keep the word giving to myself. <p> 2) Damage to your teeth and figure <p> As soon as I stopped smoking, voracious appetite was aroused. Especially I wanted sweets: I began to eat lots of candies, pastries and many other unwholesome things. As a result my waist was crushed and I began to visit dentist oftener. <p> 3) Itís dangerous for your life! <p> I donít overstate! One day, I decided to quit smoking once again and ďwas fighting to the bitter endĒ 3 weeks, 2 days and 13 hours! But then I went out of my mind and I rushed at full speed to buy cigarettes. And crossing the road during the red light, I was almost hit by the car! <p> 4) To deprive yourself of the essential element of the sexy style <p> Cigarette is an integral part of my person in society. After all, premature wrinkles Ė utter rubbish in comparison with a stunning effect, which I produced on the surroundings, especially on men. According to the physiologists, beautiful woman with a cigarette awakens passionate associations of men (letís remember the stunning scene in ďBasic InstinctĒ with Sharon Stone). <p> 5) Deprive me of the daily supply of cheerfulness <p> Morning begins with the following: my hand seeks out a cigarette and a lighter. After the first inhalation I open my eyes and see that the morning is awesome! Days, when I didnít smoke, convinced me that I get this feeling only after the doze of nicotine. <p> 6) It means to lose touch with collaborators <p> Coffee with cigarette during the break at work Ė is not just commonness. Itís a whole ritual! Smoking-room is the only place to become friends! Only in smoking-room you can easily solve questions! <p> 7) Hazardous for society <p> During the abstention from smoking Iím highly explosive like a powder burrelÖ <p> In general, itís better not to approach me when Iím in such state. <p> Make your own conclusions, tobacco smoke- lovers!