<h3>Smoking is not only harmful but useful! </h3> <p> It is known from of old that people are exposed to hypnosis. Some people to a greater or lesser extent. <p> There is a terminology in medicine – the medicine is called “placebo”. This is a neutral substance that does not have any treatment results but it leads to getting over. People consider that this “medicine” is the most appropriate for recovering from this or that disease and use it. <p> Placebo, hypnosis in other words, has an marvelous effect. If person is inspired by its doctor or by awaiting from this or that medicine placebo, then the effect could be a couple of times higher than of a real medicine. <p> There was a “doctor” in former USSR, present Russian Federation. He was Chumak, he charged bottles with water by positive energy. Russian people still remember those times. All people fondly trusted him. He spoke from TV and people sat in front of their TVs and trust that he charged their bottles with water by positive energy. Even when he was translated by the radio, he was silent for 2 minutes – waiting for people to fill in their bottles with water and putting them near the receiver. After the process of “improving” they heartily drank this water. <p> I’m sure that Chumak during these 2 minutes of silence went on his balcony smoked a cigarette and drunk a cup of coffee. Is it funny? The most interesting thing is that people recovered from their illnesses indeed! What is it? That’s right! Placebo. <p>Credulous people even hung portraits of Chumak in the hospitals as a talisman. As a matter of fact on Chumak’s place could be George Bush, George Washington or Tina Turner or someone another. The main thing is that people must trust in this symbol and considered this sign as the source of getting over. <p> Let’s speak about harm of smoking. <p> Ministry of Health tell us “Smoking is dangerous for your health!” “Smoking leads to cancer”, “A drop of nicotine kills a horse!”. Mass communication media everyday inform us the results of scientists’ investigations where is stated that cigarette takes away 10 minutes of the life. It is written in magazines and newspapers that John Doe went off in his 25 because of chain smoking of 10 packs a day. Parents tell us from young years: “Don’t smoke or you’ll be punished severely!” <p> <table> <tr> <td> <img src="http://www.irishgourmet.co.uk/images/cottage_pride_strawberry300.jpg"> </td><td valign='top'> <p> Now imagine another situation. All mass media tell us everywhere that “Strawberry jam is death!” “Strawberry jam kills you!” “Every bottle of strawberry jam leads you to death!” “A bottle of strawberry jam kills Karlson!”. Newspapers publish the results of researches that strawberry jam damages the brain. From little up we are told that healthy life is life without jam. In the city there are posters with president: “I achieved success without cigarettes!” <p><p> Don’t doubt that strawberry jam will harm your heath indeed! This is hypnosis. <p> As a matter of fact is smoking so terrible? Not so long time ago one scientist proved that smoking of 10 cigarettes a day don’t harm your health. More than 10 cigarettes – harm, but less – don’t. It’s very interesting… <p> </td></tr></table>