<h3>Smoking pregnant raises the chance to give birth to baby GIRL </h3> <p> <table> <tr> <td> <img src=http://www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/2304394/2/istockphoto_2304394_baby_girl.jpg></td> <td> Smoking could decrease the possibility to give birth to a boy and prevent developing of male embryo. <p> Notwithstanding that almost 52% of new born children on the West are boys, the possibility to give birth to a girl rises for smoking parents. In research participated 9 000 pregnant women in Liverpool. The result was amazing. Indeed girls have been born more frequently than boys at those parents who smoked. Mothers having smoked during pregnancy gave birth to boys 3 times less than non-smoking parents. If we take into consideration the index of health and age of mothers, then it is ñlear when father smoked, the chance to give birth to a boy was decreased in 2 times. <p>The research carried out by Liverpool Medicine Institute pediatricians invoked resonance in international scientific community. After the scientists’ words, it asks the questions about smoking influence on population’s balance. <p>“There are a lot of work for the topic of pregnant smoking influences on new born’s weight, however today was found out that smoking mothers gave birth to girls more frequently than to boys”, explains Alyson Pulton, the senior professor of pediatrics of Sydney University, Australia. </td></tr> </table> <p> In researches were investigated 9 000 pregnant women who were in Liverpool women hospital in 1998-2003. Scientists discovered that smokers gave birth to girls, besides it second hand smoking may influence on the sex of the future child. Non-smokers mothers whose husbands smoked gave birth to boys more seldom also. <p>The research was carried out by pediatricians group under the direction of professor Bernard Brabeen. Scientists discovered that substances containing in cigarettes, e.g. nicotine , prevents spermatozoon with male chromosomes to get ovule. <p>“The purpose of research was to find out if the sex of the future baby depends on mother smoking during pregnancy. When we corrected the results became clear that the chance to give birth to a girl double when mother smokes pregnant. We do not know why. We suppose this is because of spermatozoon with Y chromosome which is responsible for boys. This spermatozoon is more sensitive to negative changes in the mother’s organism.”, tells Brabeen. . <p>Smoking cuts down the level of oestrogen and produce changes in the cervix of the uterus. The conclusion is clear: if you would like to rise the change to give birth to a buy – do not smoke during pregnancy. .