British cigarettes will be supplied with radio labels. <p> British HM Revenue and Customs examines the variant of supplying every cigarette pack with special radio label (RFID) for fighting against contraband. <p> The decision is not adopted yet, are examined some variants, however radio labels are likely to be the most effective thing. “The budget provides work with cigarettes manufacturers industry for elaboration of hidden labeling of packs”, said representative of HMRC, “however we do not know yet how it will be implemented. Nothing is chosen and nothing is checked off and microchip is one of the many variants. Among others there are holographic stickers”. <p. Integration of radio labels will let customs read off remotely the amount of packs taken through border and raise customs duty. Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association supports this initiative. Under association’s data, approximately 3% of cigarettes which are bought in the United Kingdom are counterfeit.