<b>Some words about the advantages of smoking </b><p> There are tones of information about the hazardous effect of smoking: on cigarettes packs, for example. Nobody is interested in such inscriptions. Itís boring and turned to be a kind of cliché. Enough! Letís speak about the advantages of smoking! <p> Money! You are rolling in it. You have to think where to put it, how to get rid of it. The first advantage. 2 packs of cigarettes for 30 days: $60 in a month. A cup of coffee with a cigarette in a cozy café. <p> The time has to be killed. Itís a well-known fact. As for me, the advantage of smoking in this respect is highly unappreciated. It might seem, 7-8 minutes for one cigarette, 40 cigarettes. Poor 5 hours in a day, sometimes one can do something else at the same time, but occasionally and not everything. But! <p> Often we have to go to the place for smoking and then go back Ė 2-3 minutes, we can cadge cigarettes, spend some time going to shop: itís better already. And the most important thing is: we can think about the smoking break a half of any occupation time. Malicious nonsmoking bosses know about this arithmetic and even pay in addition sometimes when an employer quits smoking, to torture them. By the way, speaking about tortures. According to the statistics, nonsmokers have to suffer at average 10-15 years longer than smokers. And their death is saddened by the lack of illnesses Ė the happiness on the occasion of death approaching is practically missed. We have nothing to do just to feel sorry for them. <p> You can also get rid of unnecessary energy with the help of cigarettes. Mexican Indians say that smoking takes away more than 80% of the whole energy. In other words directly during smoking a person feels, experiences, wants something, in general, he lives approximately 1/5 more than usual. Poor nonsmoker with all his energy has to do something. Those, who quit smoking, itís especially difficult task for want of habit. <p>