Electronic cigarettes undergo a realty test

Big tobacco Companies finally have seriously taken on electronic cigarettes. Just in few weeks after nationwide launch of these devices on the market Altria Group Inc. and Reynolds American Inc. have got together approximately one quarter of sales in the shops of everyday assortment.

Nevertheless sales of electronic cigarettes in traditional retail trade fall after three years of fast growth. It rises the question are Altria and Reynolds that dominate on tobacco US market moving with 75% total share in right direction. As of yet it is not clear if it brings into question the future of the device.

About 7 out of each 10 cigarette sold in USA are sold in the shops of everyday assortment. Namely there Altria the manufacturer of the most sold brand Marlboro offers electronic cigarettes MarkTen but Reynolds, manufacturer of Camel cigarettes launches electronic cigarettes Vuse. The third biggest player on US tobacco market Lorillard Inc. already has well sold electronic product Blu. All they hope to attract small but growing number of smokers that switch to electronic cigarettes that heat up nicotine containing liquid to steam condition and are considered less toxic that usual cigarettes.

Nevertheless sale of electronic cigarettes more and more actively move to thousands of recently opened specialized shops where buyers can acquire filled in devices that contain five times more liquid and with more high-capacity battery than smaller "cigarette-like" versions that are launching now Altria and Reynolds. Here buyers may also acquire hundreds of flavored liquids wholesale and choose their own device from components from tens of manufacturers that offer their products at lower prices.