<p><b>Cigarettes with low nicotine content don´t increase number of smoked cigarettes</b></p> <p>Fear of smokers that <b>cigarettes</b> with low nicotine content may make smoke them more, appeared to be groundless showed Canadian scientists.</p> <p>Earlier have been voiced concerns that <b>cigarettes</b> with low nicotine content may increase intensity of the habit among smokers to satisfy nicotine craving.</p> <p>But specialists from Waterloo University in Canada say that it is not true, informs Daily Mail.</p> <p>During the research 72 of adult smokers have smoked their usual <a href="http://www.shopping-heaven.com"><b>cigarettes</b></a> during 7 days. Then three weeks in row they have smoked <b>cigarettes</b> with reduced nicotine content. And each week level of nicotine in <b>cigarettes</b> was reduced. Scientists have determined that during four weeks of research smokers have smoked the same quantity of <b>cigarettes</b> that were smoked every day.</p> <p>This research shows that smokers don't compensate reduced nicotine content in <b>cigarettes</b> with increase of number of smoked <b>cigarettes</b>. As result, such <b>cigarettes</b> can be used for reducing nicotine content that the body gets.</p>