Electronic cigarette cause nicotine dependence

Scientists have proved that electronic cigarette doesn't save from bad habit.

According to statistics half of people that use electronic cigarettes haven't been smokers in the past, Robert S. McMillan from Mississippi University says. And most often these were young people.

At the same time he marks that electronic cigarettes are attractive for many reasons. For example, young parents who smoke electronic cigarettes are sure that they don't harm people around including children.

Despite the wide spreading of electronic cigarettes, specialists till today are not aware about all side effects of this product. Also there is little information about real composition of this product.

Interrogation of 3253 adult Americans has shown: 81 % of parents considered electronic cigarettes safer than usual cigarettes for people around, 76 % considered electronic cigarettes more acceptable product for non-smokers, 72 % were attracted by the fact that electronic cigarettes can be smoked in places were usual cigarettes are prohibited.