Ministry of Health has prohibited sending soldiers tobacco and cigarettes to Gaza

Ministry of Health of Israel has prohibited sending cigarettes and tobacco products to soldiers and Zahal officers that is carrying out task in the Gaza Strip in the framework of anti-terrorist operation "Indestructible rock", informs Ynet.

Shipping of these parcels was announced and organized by presenters of sport program Ofira Asayag and Itzik Zohar.

Instead of tobacco soldiers and officers will get gift of 200 shekels.

The reason of prohibition is in legal area. Country legislation prohibits free spreading of tobacco products equaling it to hidden advertisement.

In Association affirm that such parcels are of immoral nature. Everyone understands that servicemen who are in Gaza Strip are stressed and with the help of cigarettes will try to release psychological and physical pressure. But war will be over and people will get used to smoking.

Ministry of Health has also declared that they consider offer to send tobacco products to soldiers a disreputable action in the framework of which servicemen involuntarily advertise tobacco products.