In Netherlands was officially declared that electronic cigarettes are harmful for health

In Netherlands was officially declared that electronic cigarettes are harmful for health.

Head officers of Healthcare in Netherlands have officially informed that electronic cigarettes cause dependence and contain harmful chemical substances, including nicotine. In such a way this quite popular gadget received one more stroke.

Lately electronic cigarettes are subject almost to the same pressure as usual cigarettes. If before electronic cigarettes were allowed to be used in public places and even in airplanes, today they with increasing frequency appear to be under ban.

Appear more and more scientific researches that this alternative to smoking represents danger for health and not only for smokers but also for people around. Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment known under Holland acronym RIVM has made official declaration naming electronic cigarettes dangerous for health. It is informed that their users complaint on throat and oral cavity irritation. Nicotine steams produced by such cigarettes are dangerous for children around.

Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport of Netherlands Martin van Rijn has declared to AS newspaper that he plans as soon as possible to introduce regulation of electronic cigarettes' turnover in the country without waiting when similar decision will be taken by European Union: "I treat absolutely seriously warnings from RIVM and security inspectors" - says Van Rijn. - That is why I'm going to make further steps regarding population awareness about safety of electronic cigarettes.

At present moment these cigarettes in Netherlands are not regulated at all, though RIVM recommends restricting their use in presence of children. Supporters of electronic cigarettes maintain that these devices are much safer than traditional cigarettes but nicotine steams cannot hurt children and generally people around the smoker. At the same time they name RIVM report erroneous.