How to combine smoking and etiquette? <p> Despite on convicting arguments of Ministry of Health, we donít give up smoking. Smoking remains widespread habit which often helps us to communicate, calms down and helps to concentrate. Thatís why people find pleasure in smoking. Why someone do it fine and elegant and others look like pupils of the 7th grade, smoking for the first time. There is no secret that no one was born with the talent of smoking. The deal is in respecting some simple rules which afford you to communicate with others holding cigarette as self-confidently as James Bond. <p> <b>Rule #1 Letís smoke a cigarette </b> <p> In conversation before smoking you have to ask his permission, because some people ñan't stand cigarette smoke. And even if he smokes, he will be grateful for your attention. Donít forget to offer him a cigarette. Smoking is unique communication ceremony which can bring together two absolutely unacquainted people. Take into account that it is prohibited to speak with cigarette in your mouth. It gives your face disdainful look which looks good in American movies but it wonít like your talker. <p> <b>Rule #2. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours</b> <p> Prometheus, the hero of Classical Greek myth, was famous of this bringing fire to the people. Lighting up a cigarette to your friend, you make almost the same. You should make it correctly, there are own peculiarities. For example, if lady and gentleman decided to smoke, man must take lighter out of the pocket. In case if he doesnít have any, the lady gives him her lighter, but in no case she lights up by herself. If some men and women smoke together, then youngest lights up for eldest. When you light up with lighter or matches try to bring fire exactly to the end of the cigarette, not beneath, donít make your talker reach the fire. Here is another smokerís taboo: never light up from a cigarette. <p> <b> Rule #3. There is a place for everything, and everything in its place </b><p> Let the church stand in the churchyard. You may smoke on official banquettes, on presentation if there is an ashtray, besides saucers, cups, glasses, etc. On a visit ask the host; moreover if there is an malachite ashtray in front of you. Avoid smoking near the children, donít give them bad example. You can smoke in restaurants if neighbors by the table permit you do this after they finish eating. Come around that cigarette smoke doesnít fit poultryís smell. <p> Most people complain against waiterís suppleness in the restaurants. They take the ashtrays away too fast, every 30 seconds, so it complicates conversation and even irritates. You should know that most restaurants follow the rule Ė no more than 4 butts in the ashtray, you may ask the waiter not to worry you till you call him for yourself. <p><b> Rule #4 Asking for a cigarette </b><p> And the last thing is such a delicate situation. Important conversation, and you wish to smoke. You want to take out the pack but notice that you donít have cigarettes anymore while your talker enjoys a cigarette. If it is an old friend, youíll ask him for a cigarette, but if it is a partnerÖ You should look for a cigarette in your pocket and tell that you was in a hurry and forgot to buy cigarettes. A good partner will understand and regale you with cigarette.