Israeli pharmacies were prohibited to sell cigarettes

Ministry of Health of Israel has prohibited private pharmacies and pharmaceutical chains to sell electronic cigarettes as they are not medical preparations and as the Ministry of Health "doesn't want to put population in danger", informs Meytal Yasur Beyt-Or in edition "Israel a-Yom".

"Electronic cigarettes are not medical preparations, there are no proofs that they are safe for health and help to reduce number of smoked cigarettes or quit smoking", - "Israel a-Yom" cites instructions of Ministry of Health.

Pharmacists that sell electronic cigarettes will be called for control.

"Pharmacies should be Center of Health and not alternative points of sales" - the head of Pharmaceutical Division of Ministry of Health Eyal Schwarzberg has declared. Concentration of nicotine in electronic cigarettes exceeds such in usual cigarettes by 24 times.

Besides, electronic cigarettes also contain other harmful substances, including ethylene glycol that is harmful for kidneys and nervous system and nitrosamines than are carcinogens.