Electronic cigarettes have caused new type of dependence

Among victims are children.

Nicotine that electronic cigarettes contain threatens serious intoxication, American specialists from poison control centers consider, informs Liberty Voice. They have fixed significant increase of complaints on nicotine poisoning and it was related to electronic cigarettes. As Dr. Tom Frieden marks electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine not with the smoke but with evaporations.

Earlier it was considered that introduction to the market of electronic cigarettes will allow to overcome tobacco dependence. But, most likely, electronic cigarettes have caused new type of dependence. Moreover, these cigarettes can be smoked discretely by persons for whom nicotine is dangerous, including children. Namely children often try electronic cigarettes.

Among addresses to control centers are complaints from parents children of which of 5 years old and less became victims of cigarettes. They had sickness, vomiting, eyes irritation.

But flavoring agents (fruit, candy flavors) make electronic cigarettes extremely attractive for children. By the way, in France is discussed opportunity of introducing ban on electronic cigarettes. Manufacturers oppose to this initiative. Researches of electronic cigarettes' safeness continue.