Designer has invented cigarettes that help to quit smoking

Taiwanese designer has invented new collection of special cigarettes with the help of which people may get rid of vicious habit, writes The Daily Mail. "Tobacco" project includes four different types of cigarettes that call smoker to stop in different ways.

The idea consists in make people stop smoking gradually, in partial load mode.

"For those who want to quit smoking this process is difficult" - tells designer Tseng Yi Wen.

Set of cigarettes "Success" represents pack that contains several cigarettes with different filter length. With each cigarette filter is even longer, harmful substances are even less.

Another set named "Tobacco Sharing" allows smokers reducing number of smoked cigarettes twice by sharing them with a friend. Cigarettes looks like to joined together with filter on both sides and in order to be able to smoke cigarettes should be broken in two.

In such a way, according to designer's opinion several inhalings will satisfy sudden desire but quantity of harmful substances that enter the body reduces significantly.

Peculiarity of next set is that each cigarettes filter is marked with a number. In such a way smoker visually understands how many cigarettes he smokes a day and starts to reduce this quantity gradually.

The last set contains cigarettes that mark every day of the month and smoker understands that each cigarette is a new day, new opportunity to get rid of vicious habit and start healthy life.

Concept of Taiwanese designer just remains only a project and these cigarettes are not available for sale.