<p><b>China. About smoking. Part 4</b></p> <p>China became the 77th country that has signed WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, members of which undertake to protect the health of population and trying to achieve reduction in tobacco consumption. And as WHO representative in PRC told, WHO is sure that China will be able to realize all positions of this Convention and save the health of the nation.</p> <p>Anti-tobacco results are already available. Course "Smoking control" was introduced in Chinese Institutes of higher education, first of all in medical. At present moment this program works in 13 medical institutes, including so famous in the country as Beijing medical institute "Sehe", Medical Institute at Beijing university, Medical Institute at Fudan University, writes "Yinzminz Yizbau" newspaper.</p> <p>At careful estimations, in the framework of this five-year program, sponsored by American Fund of Chinese medicine and Funds of Bill and Melinda Gates, annually at least 6500 students will get special education in anti-tobacco sphere.</p> <p>International practice shows that medical staff is the main force in smoking control. In the meanwhile in China more than half of men-doctors smoke. "We hope that professional education will allow future doctors to get acquainted with importance of smoking control", - declared the assistant chancellor of Medical Institute at Zhejiang University, that acts as curator of above mentioned program Shen Huahao.</p> <p>Here is one more fact. Beijing fire-fighting service inform that in connection with Decision about smoking ban in public places, in Beijin has significantly reduced number of fires.</p> <p>But not only that. In China, country-consumer of natural resources application can be found for everything. So, Chinese scientists have found out that cigarette butts may protect steel pipes of rust.</p> <p>So, placing butts in the water, researchers have found out that nine chemical substances, including nicotine, protect oil line pipes of corrosion.</p>