<p><b>China. About smoking. Part 3</b></p> <p>In the country was introduced ban for TV advertisement of <b>cigarettes</b>. It is worth to mention that such ban was introduced in China back in 1966. But, tobacco manufacturers have advertised their products, so to say, in latent form: they have acted as sponsors of various events, advertised their brands without using words <b>"cigarettes"</b> in TV shows and printed matters. It is considered in new provision.</p> <p>In new rules manufacturers of tobacco products cannot be sponsors of various events and actions. As it is impossible to prohibit smoking government is trying at least to reduce harm cause by it.</p> <p>Beginning with 2000 Department of tobacco industry has set requirement to reduce tar content in <a href="http://www.shopping-heaven.com"><b>cigarettes</b></a> by 0.5 mg annually. This year the limit was set of 15 mg. Besides, special programs of assisting those who want to quit smoking have been developed.</p> <p>Chinese doctors have developed special patches which are stuck on the body by smoker and tobacco dependence reduces. Recently in the country appeared special fund that has declared that everyone who quitted smoking and who hasn't smoked during one year after special medical examination has chance to get big money award.</p> <p>Strong move, isn't it? However, it is impossible to prohibit smoking in whole. As tobacco manufacturers are very strong because they bring high profits for government. That is why position of the government is not easy. From one hand as tobacco monopolist that manufactures 1.7 trillion <b>cigarettes</b> a year, it is not profitable for them to bite hand that feeds them. It is also should be taken into account that this is also working places for millions people as it is quite a difficult problem in the country.</p> <p>On the other hand smoking causes harm to nation and profits from tobacco as result eat expenses for treatment. In this situation government has chosen the only right choice - gradual restriction of tobacco smoking. Steps directed to smoking ban are made in the framework of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control that came into force in 2005.</p>