<p><b>China. About smoking. Part 2</b></p> <p>In PRC smoke about 60 % of men, approximately per 15 <b>cigarettes</b> a day. Of course, with population growth, number of smokers is also growing. There are also quite a lot smoking women. These are namely young women and their attraction to <b>cigarettes</b> - it is so to say tribute to fashion.</p> <p>Why Chinese people smoke so much?</p> <p>Some explain this habit of Chinese people with historical reasons. It is said, for example, that it was imposed by foreigners. It is well known that before opium appeared in China, Chinese people have smoked very little. But then, foreigners have imported opium to the country and have actually made Chinese people smoke it. About one hundred years ago even in the smallest Chinese village was own opium den. People's life was poor and difficult then and only after smoking pipe with opium man forgot about difficulties and troubles.</p> <p>And only after PRC formation in 1949 popular government has officially prohibited opium smoking. But instead of opium smokers began tobacco smoking. Even twenty years ago in China people smoked everywhere in the truest sense of the word. The biggest sign of respect among men is to offer each other cigarette.</p> <p>Namely with this is connected one of wedding customs. Before sitting down to wedding table, bride should serve all male guests (smokers and non-smokers) with so-called "wedding <b>cigarettes</b>".</p> <p>In China were and are manufactured a lot of <a href="http://www.shopping-heaven.com/"><b>cigarettes</b></a>. Strong and not really, flavored and not; expensive and very cheap; in beautiful pack and very simple; manufactured in China and imported. Just a paradise for smoker. But this paradise is very dangerous not only for smokers but almost for entire nation. Chinese government understands it as well. That is why for the last years in the country have been adopted more than twenty laws and legal provisions that regulate situation in this sphere.</p> <p>In particular, Law about tobacco monopoly what allows controlling quality of products in some extent, Provision about sanitary control of public places that prohibits smoking in some public places, Law about advertising that prohibits propaganda of <b>cigarettes</b>.</p>