<p><b>Experts have named main rules of cigar smoking</b></p> <p>Cigar smoking is considered a special ritual. It can be compared with Chinese tea ceremony, traditions of which have formed during centuries.</p> <p>Cigar, of course, requires very careful attitude that is why you will not manage to smoke it in hurry as it is usually done with usual <b>cigarettes</b>. The main cigar destination is to give pleasure with refined flavor and not to give another nicotine dose. Experts advise those who like to smoke cigars to follow simple rules by all means.</p> <p>First of all cigar should be cut. The cigar end is removed with the help of special device - "cutter". From the edge should be left three millimeters leaving from the cup thin ring. Tobacco leaf - cigar envelope - is thin, damages very easily, structure is broken.</p> <p>Expensive cigar doesn't bear lighting up of usual petrol lighter. Experts don't recommend using burning paper, matches or candle for this. Their smoke has strong scent and tobacco is very sensitive to other scents and absorbs them easily. To smoke expensive cigars should be used only gasoline lighter, usual wood match or better - turbo-lighter. Cigar should be burned up maximally evenly while lighting up.</p> <p>There are no precise rules that stipulate cigar smoking. Experts say that to take pleasure is possible when person is calm and relaxed. Good cigar will not bear vanity; it cannot be inhaled like usual <a href="http://www.shopping-heaven.com"><b>cigarettes</b></a>. The main thing in expensive cigar is, of course, aroma. Cigar smoke is strong, that is why if smoking it wrong lings and throat may be scorched. In order to avoid this, it is necessary just to inhale smoke evenly, filling the mouth and then taking pleasure of excellent fascinating flavor. Smoke should be breathe out in several seconds like "gargling" the mouth with smoke first. Between the inhaling should be made interval of 30-90 seconds.</p> <p>Ashes cannot be shaken off carelessly or sharply - this way it can be extinguished. To make the smoke less it is necessary just to touch ashtray a little.</p>