<p><b>Branded cigars on XVI Habano Festival</b></p> <p>Four brands attracted attention on XVI Habano Ferstival, they are symbol of highest quality and traditions of tobacco manufacturing on the island: Partagas, HoyodeMonterrey, H.Upmman and Trinidad.</p> <p>These brands are part of manufacturing of International Corporation Habanos SA that sells cigars in more than 150 countries of the world; it produces 37 brands, more than 300 types, 80 of which in cylinder pack.</p> <p>The main new of this meeting on which were present more than 1500 people from 80 countries and 300 journalists are brands: LeHoyodeSanJuan, PartagasSerieDNo.6, H.UpmannNo.2 ReservaCosecha 2010 and TrinidadVigia.</p> <p>This year Festival has celebrated 169 years Partagas, 154 years HoyodeMonterrey, 170 years Í. Upmann, 45 years Trinidad and 20 years International Corporation Habanos SA.</p>