<b>Cigarettes reduce stress: busting the myth.</b> <p>It's all about self-suggestion. Smoker is aware of the fact that cigarettes are harmful, but at the same time he is craving for them. That's why he starts making arguments for smoking.</p> <p>So, we need a cigarette as we used to it and as tobacco is actually a drug. If there is no cigarette at the moment, we become nervous. Getting a cig, the smoker becomes tranquil at once. People go on smoking without being aware that they can just stop and quit.</p> <p>Smokers don't make decisions by themselves to smoke one or two packs per day. The reason is craving for a cigarette. Ask any old-time smoker if he's ok about the fact of smoking for so long and if he'd like to quit. Most probably 98% will say they suffer and just can't imagine their life without cigarettes.</p> <p>Today there are many ways to quit smoking but they all come to the same thing: first of all one should be psychologically prepared to this step. <div style="text-align:center"><img src="/img_news/smoking_and_stress.jpg" style="border:0;width:325px;height:325px" alt="Cigarettes reduce stress: busting the myth" /></div>