<b>Tobacco price increase in Israel</b> <p>The Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid signed a decree to raise the sales tax on tobacco products. The new excise tax came into force since Tuesday, May 8.</p> <p>According to the Lapid's order, the price of cigarettes is expected to increase by NIS 2.5 to NIS 3 per pack. The minimum tax for one pack of cigarettes increased from NIS 12.7 to NIS 15.</p> <p>Tax authorities indicate that the State is expected to see an income of about NIS 800 million per year as a result of the price increase. <div style="text-align:center"><img src="/img_news/Israeli_smoker.jpg" style="border:0;width:400px;height:268px" alt="Tobacco price increase in Israel" /></div>