<p><B>LA: people will pay $125 for smoking</B></p> <p>"Life without smoking" initiative came into force in Los Angeles.</p> <p>Now smoking on balconies within the apartment complex or any part of the common property is prohibited. Also one cannot smoke in elevators and in parking areas. Besides, smoker should forget about enjoying the cigarettes in his own car if it's parked in a yard.</p> <p>Law-breakers will be obliged to pay $125. All the tenants got the notifications in which they are suggested to accept the innovations and to sign the paper. Those who refuse to support the initiative will have to move. <div style="text-align:center"><img src="/img_news/LA smokers.jpg" style="border:0;width:500px;height:282px" alt="LA: people will pay $125 for smoking" /></div>