<b>Good Morning without Cigarette</b> <p>Recently physicians argue a lot about hazardous effect of smoking. Some say that the bad habit is a seat of many troubles. Others claim that abrupt quitting is a huge stress for human organism.</p> <p>But they all see eye to eye on the following idea: it's better to start your day with a cup of tea of coffee, but not with a cigarette.</p> <p>According to Penn State researchers, smoking right after waking up in the morning may increase the risk of developing oral or lung cancer.</p> <p>The conclusion comes from two aspects:</p> 1.Human body is extremely vulnerable in the morning.</p> 2.Tobacco smoke is inhaled deeply and thoroughly after night sleep which gives a bigger dose of carcinogens.</p> <p>Steven Branstetter, assistant professor of biobehavioral health and his colleague Joshua Muscat, professor of public health sciences, examined data on 1,945 smoking adult participants from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. <div style="text-align:center"><img src="/img_news/morning_cigarette.jpg" style="border:0;width:600px;height:457px" alt="morning cigarette" /></div>