<b>How To Smoke a Cigar</b> <p>According to experts, cigar smoking is a kind of ritual. So let's check does it involve a certain difficulty as it may seem at first sight.</p> <p><b>1.Cigar Cutting</b></p> <p>First we should cut the tip of the cigar. There were times when it was cut by teeth, knife or any sharp object. But if you don't want the tobacco parts on your lips, better use a special cigar cutter. There are lots of them, however one shouldn't neglect the quality of the cutter choosing the most attractive one.</p> <p><b>2.Lighting up</b></p> <p>Gas lighter, wood matches or cedar chips are perfect for cigar lighting. Once the cigar is lit, gently blow on the embers to make a smooth, rounded ash.</p> <p><b>3.Smoke properly</b></p> <p>Just remember - cigar is not a cigarette, don't inhale the smoke! Strong smoke may burn your throat and lungs, only smoking properly you will be able to enjoy tobacco aroma.</p> <p>Relax and savor the moment!</p> <p><b>4.In search of perfect combination</b></p> <p>Having a good drink with your cigar can increase your cigar smoking experience. It's very important to choose the proper drink to accompany a cigar. Brandy, whiskey, rum and cognac are the best for this purpose.</p> <p>It's also possible to drink non-alcoholic drinks with cigars. One of the best non-alcoholic choices is espresso, as it has complex flavors, which complement the taste of a good cigar.</p> <div style="text-align:center"><img src="/img_news/cigar_smoking.jpg" style="border:0;width:700px;height:394px" alt="cigar smoking" /></div>1.Cigar Cutting