<p><b>No shisha: Saudi Arabia introduces ban for smoking in places of tourists gathering. Part 1</b></p> <p>Smoking ban on all tourist objects was introduced by Saudi Arabia that has declared decision which got out of the walls of General Commission for Tourism and Antiquities. According to information of local mass media it is prohibited to smoke in hotels, furnished apartments, tourist agencies and on all closed territories intended for tourists' leisure. Strictly follow new rules on penalty of severe measures of actions that will be applied to law breakers is prescribed to tourism industry personnel. Commission representatives have agreed to circular note of Ministry of Interior that initially enacts smoking ban in all closed public places on kingdom territory such as governmental institutions, public organizations, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls and closed premises with traditionally crowded places.</p> <p>One of the largest consumers of cigar and other smoking products in the world, Saudi Arabia with enviable persistence introduces new restrictions for smoking in public places.</p> <p>For example, in November 2012, authorities of resort Jeddah (on Red sea) have closed at once 242 restaurants and coffee shop in which clients have smoked shisha. "As preventive measure we have restricted meanwhile to their closing for 24 hours to make them understand what happens to those who infringes the law", - explained representative of Jeddah administration of supervision over observance of trade legislation Bashir Abu Najm. "If it once again - we will close them for three days. Third time - for 15 days". And it is not the limit. If they don't stop - they will lose the right for work.</p>