<p><b>Chile Parliament has prohibited smoking in public places</b></p> <p>Chile Parliament has passed the law about smoking ban in closed premises in public places. Voting in house of deputies took place on January 2nd late in the evening. Smoking ban was supported by 92 lawmakers, 4 voted con and 5 abstained. The law comes into force in March of current year.</p> <p>"It is a great joy for us to begin 2013 with extremely important victory for entire society", - declared Chile Minister of Health Jaime Manalich. Smoking is prohibited particularly in the bars, restaurants, casinos, disco clubs and in "places where smoking may harm third parties". Owners of these places are obliged to provide for smokers special terraces on open air.</p> <p>Those, who infringes smoking ban in public places will be penalized in amount of 160 USD. In case of repeated infringement these amount will be doubled. In the country is also prohibited production and sale of <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> with Menthol flavors. TV advertising is also prohibited till 10 p.m. and also live. Cigarette manufacturers are obliged to report to Ministry of Health about charitable contributions for sport and culture development.</p>