<p> Tennesseans could soon be paying more for a pack of cigarettes. Senator Rosalind Kurita is pushing for a $1 per pack increase on the cigarette tax. She said it could generate close to $400 million in extra money for the state. <p> This isn't the first time Kurita has talked about a cigarette tax increase. It's always failed in the past, but some believe the idea is gaining momentum this time around. <p> "Every year I've gotten closer and closer to passing this," Kurita said. <p> Senator Kurita said an increase would keep kids from smoking, and Tennessee has one of the lowest cigarette taxes in the country. <p> "We have such low taxes on cigarettes. Conversely we have the highest number of high school students who use cigarettes than any state in the United States," Kurita said. <p> New support for the increase could keep the idea afloat on Capitol Hill. House Speaker Jimmy Nafieh seems confident there will be some sort of increase. <p> "I feel there will be an increase in the cigarette tax, don't know how much, don't know where we're going to put it yet," Naifieh said. <p> Her tax increase could get more traction in the legislation this time around because of her position. She's now the speaker pro temp, the number two position in the Senate. <p> Kurita said studies show the more cigarettes cost, the less likely kids are to pick up the habit. <p> Kurita is also pushing a bill that would ban cigarette companies from passing out free samples to teenagers. <p> Lawmakers should start debating the bills over the next few weeks. <p> This legislative session, bills will also be introduced to ban smoking in restaurants.