<p><b>Smoking prevents from getting rid of alcohol addiction</b></p> <p>Group of researchers from USA has determined that smoking during treating of alcoholism significantly influences mental power of the person and prevents from getting rid of alcohol addiction. Results of their researches were published in Frontiers in Pharmacology magazine.</p> <p>In experiment participated 70 alcohol addicted patients in the age between 28 and 68 years. Scientists have examined reduction of cognitive capacities depending on heredity, presence of alcoholism associated diseases, social position and other factors.</p> <p>However, during the research was found out that the main reason that leads to such aggravation is smoking. Scientists have found out that smokers during alcohol addiction treating much worse than non-smokers have coped with memory, mental processing and general level of intellect tests.</p> <p>Doctor Timothy Durazzo has marked that research results tell about necessity of introduction of smoking cessation programs before beginning to treat alcohol addiction.</p>