<p><b>It is easier to start smoking at work</b></p> <p>More chances to join the ranks of smokers have men who work a lot or experience serious stress at work.</p> <p>Researchers from Melbourne University inform.</p> <p>In their research one thousand of men have participated.</p> <p>As result review of data that was received has shown that twice faster acquire this vicious habit those men that work more than 50 hours a week.</p> <p>According to researchers' statement, more than 70 % of people smoke just when they start to work. Specialists suppose that intense job climate is unfavorable factor for human health. As such conditions not only further development of vicious habits but also increase risk to obtain obesity.</p> <p>Generally, the main reasons of smoking are necessity, reduction of emotional stress, possibility of easy establishment of contacts with people, peers' approval, possibility to occupy hands, need of taste sensations during smoking, necessity to relax, possibility of attention concentration and often supporting the normal body weight.</p> <p>Former smokers can start smoking again because of troubles at work, family conflicts, consumption of alcohol beverages, extra body weight. And cigarette smoking is only a temporary "escape" from negative situations and emotions. There is an opinion that men smoke oftener for pleasure while women smoke, generally, for suppression of negative emotions.</p> <p>According to Britain specialists' opinion, important meaning has motivation of smoking:</p> <p>1. Psychological factors - reinforcement of self-confidence;</p> <p>2. Hedonistic factors - smoking "for pleasure" and for pleasant coloring of situation with interval between each cigarette, pipe, cigar;</p> <p>3. Calming - cigarette "disperse" unpleasant sensations, tensions, fears.</p> <p>4. Dependence - smoking removes sins of nicotine "shortage" in intervals 30-40 minutes between <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> smoking.</p> <p>5. Automatism - among intensively smoking people is observed performance of unconscious act of taking cigarette, lighting it up and beginning smoking.</p>