<p><b>In European Union menthol cigarettes will be prohibited and "frightening pictures" on packs will be bigger</b></p> <p>Executive Commission of European Union has promulgated plans of new attack on smoking and smokers in all 27 countries of European Union.</p> <p>"Frightening pictures" on cigarette packs will become bigger and will appear on both sides.</p> <p>In case this new draft law that is directed on reduction of tobacco products consumption is approved in EU countries, frightening pictures that warn about smoking consequences not only become bigger (they will have to take not less than 75 % of surface) but will also appear on both sides of pack (front and back).</p> <p>Besides, governments of all EU countries get the right to introduce new requirements to cigarette pack design - as in Australia where from December 1st all packs of tobacco products regardless of brand and manufacturer are as like as two peas in a pod.</p> <p><b>Cigarettes</b> with various flavor additions (well-known menthol and less-known <b>cigarettes</b> with cherry and chocolate "flavors") should be beyond the law.</p> <p>Slim "lady" <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> will be prohibited as well and also sale of packs with reduced number of <b>cigarettes</b> (less than 20).</p> <p>Process of discussing and final approval of new law draft may take up to 2 years.</p> <p>According to law draft authors' necessity of such innovations is caused by fact that number of smokers in EU countries is still the highest in the world in term of 100000 people.</p> <p>In the last year in EU countries number of <b>cigarettes</b> sold has made 586 billions that is by 100 billions less than in 2007.</p>