<p><b>More than 260 thousands of Britons have promised to quit smoking</p></b> <p>More than quarter millions of United Kingdom population have solemnly promised to quit smoking. Such impressive result were able to be reached thanks to anti-tobacco program Stopober carried by country government in October 2012, preliminary results of which were published by local mass media.</p> <p>So, according to data available, more than 268 thousands of Britons have considered arguments of authorities about smoking harm. Namely this number of Her Majesty nationals has promised to refuse vicious habit in October by registering on official web-site of this program.</p> <p>Participants of program have ordered approximately 200 thousands of "support sets", freely distributed among smokers. Every such set includes official informational brochure, test on degree of dependence and also nicotine batches and chewing gum.</p> <p>Economy of United Kingdom annually looses 4.5 billion USD for smoking control. According to words of Stoptober program representatives, the main thing is to "hold out without <b>cigarettes</b> during four weeks". Those, who manage this, in future, according to the results of governmental research, return to smoking five times rarer than weak-willed people.</p> <p>Ministry of Health of United Kingdom Anna Soubry has declared that anti-tobacco program at the cost of 5.7 million pounds (more than 9 million USD) "surpassed all expectations". "This is a great success, - she has confessed. - We know that most of smokers wish to refuse <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> and namely because of this it is so important to help them make first step". <p>Governmental figures were made public the same day when were published of another scale research. Scientists from Oxford University have analyzed patient histories of 1.3 million women and have determined that those who are exposed to vicious habit during entire life die at least by ten years earlier than those who quitted smoking. At present moment in Great Britain are approximately 8 million smokers, considering that several decades ago this figure was three times higher.</p>