<p><b>Smoking problem cannot be resolved with taxes</b></p> <p>Tax increase on tobacco product doesn't reduce number of smokers in USA, but less secures Americans spent on tobacco dependence almost quarter of their profits.</p> <p>Tax increase on tobacco products doesn't reduce number of smokers in the country - to such conclusion came experts of Research Center RTI International, publishing on September 20 their analysis of financial and tax burden that lies heavy on USA taxpayers as result of tax increase.</p> <p>Analysis was made under order of New York Health Department in which at present moment is one of the highest taxes on tobacco products in the country.</p> <p>Though in the quality of comparative benchmark in the report is used information from all states and regions the research base became position of smokers namely in New York. As published results show, recent excise tax increase on tobacco products in New York from 1.5 USD to 4.35 for one pack hasn't caused reduction of smokers among less secured part of population.</p> <p>Among other social groups was recorded just insignificant total decrease of tobacco products purchase.</p> <p>Research has shown that tax increase on tobacco products has caused only negative effect for less secured New York dwellers, increasing their general expenses on such type of purchases from 11.6 % to 23.6 % from the level of total income.</p>