<p><b>Each month Latvian smokes more than one pack a day</b></p> <p>For the last years there were no significant changes in smoking popularity in Latvia - at least once a month tobacco smoke have inhaled approximately 42 % of citizens has shown research made by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.</p> <p>For four years that have passed from the time the last research was made, specific weight of regularly smoking Latvians has reduced by 1 %. To this group refer 35 % of inhabitants. From them 47 % smoke from 11 to 20 <b>cigarettes</b> a day, 44 % - from 1 to 10 <b>cigarettes</b> and 9 % - more than 20 <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>.</p> <p>In turn at least one cigarette in their life has smoked 73 % of respondents.</p> <p>As well as in 2007, newest research has also shown that smoking among men is more popular then among women. Regular smokers consider themselves 53 % of interrogated men while among women they are 18 %. The higher specific weight among female smokers is in age from 24 to 35. Among men this vicious habit is most spread in age group from 45 to 54 - here specific weight of regular smokers makes 64% and 8% more confess that from time to time they also smoke.</p> <p>Researchers recognize that measures of restricting smoking taken in Latvia for the last years haven't given any result - to reduce popularity of this vicious habit were not able no excise tax increase, no smoking ban in public places, no separate campaigns directed against smoking.</p> <p>International experts as well confess that increase of excise tax on tobacco products in major part of European countries hasn't given desired result.</p>