<p><b>How to quit smoking without gaining extra weight. Part 4</b></p> <p>Universal methods are quite simple but nobody has cancelled their effectiveness.</p> <p>1. Eat smaller portions but oftener than earlier. It is easier to avoid overeating if, when sitting to the table, you will not be too hunger. Eating often helps keeping sugar in the blood on constant level thanks to which appetite is not expressed so much.</p> <p>2. Include more proteins and dietary fiber in your ration. They are more effective than candies, fill stomach and are healthy for digestion. Follow your ration for presence of products made of complex carbohydrates (rye and wholegrain bread, cereals).</p> <p>3. Remember about physical exercises. It is better to visit fitness room than smoking room or fast-food booth.</p> <p>4. When thinking about cigarette, don't take it or candy, drink a glass of water. It will help to overcome desire to smoke and desire to eat approximately for 20 minutes. Except this, water will help the body excreting faster.</p> <p>5. Move more. If you are not sporty at all, you shouldn't "break" yourself, join fitness room and jog every day. Just try to walk more. As while you were smoking, you have left your working place, i.e. you made yourself moving willy nilly. After refusing vicious habit anyway try to make pauses in the work: 1-2 minutes walk along the room, make simple exercises.</p> <p>Taste of victory</p> <p>It is very easy to get used to smoking, but it is much difficult to refuse it. In order to overcome obstacles easier, imagine what is waiting for you on final straight of "Marathon to health" - clear lungs, healthy heart, and perfect skin. You will finally remember aroma of flowers and feel taste of the food without tobacco touch. Changing life style to more healthy, at the same time looking after your nutrition, very soon you will feel yourself another person. And it is unlikely that you will have such a problem after refusing <a href=:"http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> as extra weight.</p>