<p><b>How to quit smoking without gaining extra weight. Part 3</b></p> <p>Will power and no cakes!</p> <p>This method will suit determined and strong-willed people. Deciding to refuse smoking, be ready to your own whims and bad mood (but only sometimes!). If you are self-confident and are able to withstand attack of the body that misses nicotine - embrace yourself. Control your food behavior. Determine clearly what you have: three or five meals daily.</p> <p>No snacks, tea drinking with colleagues, chips in front of TV, ice cream or cakes while going home. What will you it during the day will be more than enough for your body. Other things form vicious habit to "eat" stress. For critical period of getting out of the habit refuse visiting coffee shops and restaurants, in places where people smoke and there is opportunity to drink and lose control, what means - lose temper and eat more than it is necessary. Making this once it will be more difficult to refuse yourself one more foible and then more and more.</p> <p>Take more rest. Only not lying on sofa! Go out and spent time on the nature, in the park, cinema, theater. Don't give yourself time to think over "what is I have a cigarette (will eat something)'...</p> <p>Small portions, water and walks.</p> <p>When you will be ready for congratulations with getting read of smoking and will pass enough time to return metabolism to normal, will come time to replace vicious habits with healthy ones.</p>