<p><b>How to quit smoking without gaining extra weight. Part 2</b></p> <p>Dismiss ideas about extra weight</p> <p>Experts advise first of all to concentrate on struggle with nicotine dependence, not digressing to extra weight.</p> <p>If together with vicious habit refusal you have decided to arrange diet for yourself, entire process will become a real torture for you. Passion for extra weight control together with the attempts to quit smoking can lead to failure - you will not quit smoking and will gain extra weight. Furthermore psychologists warn: people don't lose weight but gain more if they think too seriously about losing weight. So, if you intend to quit smoking - quit, without panic when noticing two extra kilograms on scales.</p> <p>You don't have to resort to nicotine-replacement therapy: it leads sometimes to unexpected results. It is better to avoid programs that promise that you will be able to quit smoking without gaining any gram of extra weight. It is too well to be truth.</p> <p>Fats and calories away!</p> <p>One of variants of weight control is to plan your food ration. Don't be scared, it is not a diet or fasting. Make list of products and dishes that you eat more often. Now estimate content of fats and carbohydrates and without regrets remove fat, high-calorie products and wads.</p> <p>Calculate calorie content of the food ate by you during the day and reduce it by 25 % - right at the expense of listed products. It will be enough to keep the weight. How long this restriction should be followed? Better one-three months, while, your thirst to <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> will not reduce significantly.</p> <p>What should you remove first of all? Candies, full-cream ice, cakes, milk chocolate, biscuits, nuts, sausages. Fried dishes replace with stewed, refuse fat and dairy butter. Avoid fast food, chips and baked breads.</p> <p>Food approach to the problem</p> <p>This method perfectly combines with previous. The point is simple - to change you nutrition style radically. Not quality and quantity but namely, style. Calculate how many calories a day you should receive; after what take plastic bag. Morning or evening, as it is convenient for you, put all products that are acceptable to eat during the day in the bag (of course, allocating them in individual packs). Their caloric value can be easily found on culinary web-sites. Products that cannot be placed in the plastic bag (cooked chicken, salad and so on) replace with notes, for example, "piece of chicken". But fruits, vegetables, bread, packet with sugar and other put in the plastic bag.</p> <p>If you want to eat - take a piece of cooked beet or, for example, apple and eat it. Using this method, you will get separate nutrition, that nutritionists approve a lot and at the same time you will get opportunity to control calories "inflow" in the body. Of course, don't add to this bag other products beyond the norm.</p>