<p><b>How to quit smoking without gaining extra weight. Part 1</b></p> <p>Statistics confirms: four of five people who have quitted smoking gain in average from 2 to 5 kilograms. But, after some time they return to their normal weight.</p> <p><b>Between smoking or obesity</b></p> <p>Sometimes for quitting smoking, person is lack of small point. Which one? Indeed significant argument. Or opportunity to get support in case of troubles. But there is one question that tortures both men and women who decided to quit smoking - how to refuse vicious habit and not to gain extra weight? As this extra body weight is not just esthetic side of the question. Plumped body that has got out of smoking will have to fight with consequences of extra body weight. But obesity consequences are quite a serious thing.</p> <p>Do you have to postpone smoking refusal only because you want to avoid extra kilograms? Of course, no. Science is utmost categorical in this respect. "You shouldn't think that there is more harm because of extra weight than of smoking, - doctors say. - These are risks that cannot be compared."</p> <p><b>Nothing, but truth</b></p> <p>There is established opinion that smoking helps to restrain extra weight. Supporters of this point of view forget that such method of keeping slenderness is more trouble than it is worth for heart and other organs. Not saying about other unpleasant things such as smell of <b>cigarettes</b> smoke. The truth is that smoker's body gets used with the following:</p> <p>1. Smoking helps burning calories. Tobacco accelerates heart beating and metabolism and when person quits smoking, he burns approximately 100 calories a day less. Several months will pass before metabolism returns to its' usual state, but it will happen for sure.</p> <p>Smoking suppresses hunger. Nicotine makes liver releasing glycogen, as result level of sugar in the blood increases a little. Appetite subsides a little. While metabolism will not return to normal, you, probably, will gain approximately half of kilograms a week.</p> <p>2. Smoking improves general state. Nicotine increases level of dopamine ("hormone of pleasure") in the brain. Chocolate, candies and cookies have similar effect, - that is why it is not excluded that after smoking refusal you will easily fall under temptation to replace cigarette with food.</p> <p>3. Smoking is a reliable addiction. People catch at <a href="http://www.cigline.net">cigarettes</b></a> and food as drowning man at a straw - it is tested way of boredom and stress control.</p> <p>4. Smoking helps to occupy hands and mouth. The same thing is right in regards of food - remember this if you decide to refuse your vicious habit seriously.</p> <p>5. Smoking dulls taste sensors. After quitting smoking you will feel that food became tastier and smells better, that is why you will want to eat more.</p>