<p><b>Lithuanian prime-minister Andrews Kubilius would express himself for stricter labeling of cigarette packs with expressive pictures about tobacco harm, as it is done by Australians</b></p> <p>"I haven't seen design of those cigarette packs. But as I have tried to quit smoking twice and the second time was successful, I wouldn't mind what Australians are using", - said Lithuanian prime-minister Andrews Kubilius.</p> <p>In Australia on cigarette packs are placed pictures that image harm caused by tobacco, LETA/ELTA writes. On August 15th Supreme Court of Australia has declined suit of tobacco societies about labeling withdrawal on cigarette packs.</p> <p>From the end of the year in Australia <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> will be sold in identical packs of neutral color with big pictures about harm that tobacco causes to the body, - defective organs or ugly babies.</p> <p>Cigarette brand will be printed only with tiny font. Australian Attorney General Nicola Roxon has told about "turning point in tobacco control field".</p> <p>In their legal action tobacco societies have referred to the fact that new provisions infringe their rule on trade mark.</p> <p>Roxon has urged other countries as well to follow example of Australia.</p>