<p><b>Scheme using which person starts smoking</b></p> <p>A lot of people consider that usually teenagers adopt vicious habits, including smoking, from their age-mates. But it appeared that that's not true at all.</p> <p>Scientists from Santiago-de-Compostela University have determined that most often teenagers adopt vicious habit from their parents. And boys adopt it from fathers but girls from mothers.</p> <p>Such conclusions were made basing on examination of families in period from 1994 to 2002. Girls tend to imitate their mothers but boys - fathers. If both parents smoke probability that son will start smoking is 24 % and for daughter this probability is 23 %.</p> <p>If nobody smokes in the family, children start smoking only in 12 % of cases. In single-parent families vicious habit was transmitted regardless of child's sex and parent.</p>