<p><b>In China was dismissed journalist who wrote about expensive cigarettes of an official</b></p> <p>Chinese journalist Shi Zun Zun who wrote that district level official smokes expensive <b>cigarettes</b> has lost job. Newspaper Chongqing Morning Post wrote about this.</p> <p>"Journalist from Xi'an city was dismissed after he wrote article in which he exposes high-level official from Dali district Shaanxi province of smoking <b>cigarettes</b> which cost 180 Yuan (almost 28 USD) for one pack", - newspaper informs.</p> <p>Article with pictures of the official near who is laying pack of <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> was published in Xi'an Evening News newspaper on June 26.</p> <p>Representatives of some China mass-media have expressed their indignation and solidarity with journalist. Some editors have called those who can somehow influence this situation, including, All-China Journalists Association to interfere.</p> <p>With this regard International radio of China remembers another case that took place in 2007 when appearance in the Internet of picture of official from Jiangsu province who was smoking expensive <b>cigarettes</b> led to investigation against this official. He became involved in corruption and was convicted for 11 years pf prison.</p>