<p><b>Spain introduces penalties for minors for smoking on the street</b></p> <p>Authorities of Spanish city Girona decided to prohibit minors to smoke on the streets of the city.</p> <p>Breakers will have to pay penalty in amount of 300 euro. Appropriate decision was approved by authorities.</p> <p>Press attache of mayor Carles Ribas has explained that the purpose of this measure is "protection of young generation against vicious habits that may negatively influence health".</p> <p>Responsible for paying penalties are parents or trustees of minor breaker. Except smoking will be also pursued alcohol drinking. In this case penalty will also make 300 euro.</p> <p>Among other measures that are planned to be introduced by city administration is cigarette butts dispersion and moving through the city in swimsuits with open trunk or naked.</p>