<p><b>Refusing cigarettes provokes more weight gain that it is customary to assume</b></p> <p>People who have quit smoking during one year in average gain 4.5 kilograms, Britain and French scientists have shown. And major part of the weight is gained during first three months, The Daily Mail informs. It is almost twice more than it is announced in official directives.</p> <p>Their conclusions experts have made after researching 62 surveys. It appeared that during first three months after refusing <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> people's weight has grown in average by 3 kilograms. However, generally, were noticed big fluctuations (13 % of people have gained 10 kilograms and 16 % on the contrary, have got the weight down).</p> <p>Scientists represented by Esteve Fernandez and Simon Chapman, Pr. of Public Health of Sydney University, make conclusion: refusing <b>cigarettes</b> definitely overbalances from point of view of benefit risk of gaining the weight. Former smokers gain weight as nicotine suppresses appetite and hastens a little metabolism. Plus, refusing tobacco, person begins to recognize tastes and scents better what makes him eat oftener.</p>