<p><b>How strong you depend on nicotine? Part 2</b></p> <p>One more scale - motivational. It is important to understand why you want to smoke.</p> <p>So, the most widespread emotional motives:</p> <p>1. I smoke to mitigate fatigue</p> <p>2. Manipulations with cigarette during smoking are a real pleasure for me.</p> <p>3. Smoking is pleasant, I fell relaxation while smoking.</p> <p>4. Light up cigarette when I am angry.</p> <p>5. If I don't have <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>, I'm not myself till I get them.</p> <p>6. I smoke automatically, without thinking over it.</p> <p>7. I smoke because it encourages me, gives self-confidence. - When I smoke I feel good.</p> <p>8. I get pleasure even without inhaling smoke, just when I light up cigarette.</p> <p>9. I light up cigarette when I'm thrown out of mine stride, feel bad. - I clearly realize minutes, when I'm not smoking.</p> <p>10. Light up new cigarette when previous one is still smoldering in the ashtray.</p> <p>11. I smoke to enhance mood.</p> <p>12. I like looking after cigarette smoke during smoking.</p> <p>13. I like to smoke when I feel satisfaction and relaxedness.</p> <p>14. You should mandatory light up a cigarette when you are depressed, sad, dispirited when you want to get rid of troubles and concerns.</p> <p>15. Sometimes I detect cigarette in my mouth, but I don't remember how I have lighted it up. - When I don't smoke I feel cigarette' hunger.</p> <p>Among components of emotional dependence are esthetic one (I like manipulations with cigarette, smoke, I like to light a cigarette), some people connect smoking with good mood (I smoke when I feel good, I feel myself more relaxed with cigarette) or, on the contrary, with bad (I smoke, when I'm nervous, sad, thrown out of the stride).</p> <p>There is group of smokers who smoke automatically, without thinking over it. As well is in case of any emotional dependence, it is important to understand its' emotional roots. Have you started to smoke because your life was boring? <b>Cigarettes</b> may become substitute of communication, love, attention.</p> <p>Smoking facilitates social contacts that is why it often becomes a kind of "support" for shy persons who don't know how to start conversation. Knowledge of reasons of your smoking will help you think over if this problem can be solved in another way, without nicotine?</p>