<p><b>How strong you depend on nicotine? Part 1</b></p> <p>From time to time you may smoke few <b>cigarettes</b>, but certainly you are not a smoker. Or you buy pack of cigarette only when you are nervous or something goes wrong in your life? Maybe, you already have nicotine dependence and you just don't want to notice it and ignore this fact. It would be advisable to check how strong your tobacco dependence is.</p> <p>Actually, only 35 % of smokers are not nicotine dependent. Others have either average level of dependence or are practically tobacco slaves.</p> <p>Signs of heavy smoker:</p> <p>1. You smoke right away you wake up. Between your waking up and first cigarette pass 5-10 minutes.</p> <p>2. You smoke before breakfast, first cigarette is more important than first sandwich. It is the most difficult to refuse namely first morning cigarette.</p> <p>3. Sometimes you wake up because you want to smoke a lot.</p> <p>4. You don't like places where smoking is prohibited because it is difficult for you to refrain from smoking cigarette there.</p> <p>5. Laws that restrict smoking anger you - as well as people who support them.</p> <p>6. You smoke 20 and more <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> a day. You have already tried to refuse smoking but began to smoke again.</p> <p>7. You smoke even when you are sick and remain at bed rest.</p> <p>8. You smoke for more than 15 years.</p> <p>Match of 5 and more signs mentioned above means that your nicotine dependence is very strong. If you decide to quit smoking you should think about medical help. Nicotine-replacement therapy and other such modern treating methods will help you not to fall down and nor suffer of withdrawal symptoms.</p> <p>Bad sign is also fact that it is difficult for you to answer questions that have to do with quantity of <b>cigarettes</b> and time distribution of <b>cigarettes</b>. It means that your habit became so automatic that some of its details are not realized. Besides, some smokers underestimate quantity of smoked cigarette. Doctors often offer smokers to keep a diary of smoking to estimate real scale of dependence.</p>