<p><b>Carrot instead of cigarette</b></p> <p>In the program of long-term research of vegetables and fruits influence on tobacco refusal by person have participated 1000 smokers of different sex, age and social layers. Team of researchers has made several phone interviews with 14 months interval.</p> <p>The main task was to analyze ration of all smokers and determine possible connections among number of regularly eaten vegetables and fruits and smoking refusal. Medics from Buffalo, after analyzing interrogation results of participants came to conclusion that among those smokers who have consumed maximum quantity of vegetables and fruits appeared to be more people who have refused tobacco for long time.</p> <p>"We knew from our previous works that people who quit smoking six and less months ago, consumed more fruits and vegetables, than those who still smoke. But we were not aware what ration had those who quit smoking earlier. Maybe, increase of vegetable food consumption was consequence that people quit smoking", - explains head of Buffalo Health department Gary Giovino.</p> <p>Research has shown that smokers who have consumed more fruits and vegetables had three times more chances not to consume tobacco during minimum 30 days than those who consumed less quantity of vegetable food.</p> <p>It also appeared that group that consumed many vegetables and fruits, smokes less <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> a day, later smoke their first morning cigarette and have less nicotine dependence.</p> <p>"Probably, we have determined new instrument that can help people quit smoking", - research scientist Jeffrey Haibah marked. However, scientists consider that this research is not enough to make medical recommendations for people who want to quit smoking. That is why new researches should be made.</p>