<p><b>In New Zealand pack of cigarettes will cost 75 USD</b></p> <p>New Zealand government plans to increase excise taxes on tobacco products by 40 per cent during the nearest four years. As The Independent informs, thanks to this country authorities are going to reduce to minimum consumption of tobacco products.</p> <p>At present moment prices on <b>cigarettes</b> in New Zealand are the highest in the world. In average pack of <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> costs in the country more than 20 New Zealand dollars (approximately 15 USD). As result of excise tax increase price of one pack will increase up to 100 New Zealand dollars (75 USD).</p> <p>Because of excise tax increase number of smokers in New Zealand has reduced permanently. At present moment in the country smoke tobacco each fifth adult person. In 1986 smokers made 30 % of entire population.</p> <p>Lately a lot of countries in the word have increased excise taxes on tobacco products. Faster than others tax on tobacco has increased in European countries that also are trying to eliminate budget deficit with the help of it.</p>