<p><b>7 salutary products for smoker. Part 2</b></p> <p><b>MILK</b>. If before smoking a cigarette to drink a glass of milk, it will spoil "taste" of cigarette. But if you'll wet <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> in the milk, dry them out and after this give them to smoker, in this case, possibly, it will discourage person to smoke for good. Detestable impressions of "milk" cigarette are so strong that you cannot forget about them.</p> <p><b>KIWI AND ORANGES</b>. Average smoker has 2.5 times higher vitamin C requirement than non-smoker: this antioxidant in big quantities is spent by body for fight with free radicals. For its reserves renewal in menu of cigarette lovers should obligatory present not only kiwi and oranges (that cannot be eaten by people that suffer diabetes, for example), but also:</p> <p>grapefruits;</p> <p>apples;</p> <p>green pepper;</p> <p>black currants;</p> <p>lemons.</p> <p><b>BROCCOLI</b>. Broccoli protects from chronic lung diseases - ailment specific to smokers. The matter is that broccoli contains substance sulforaphane that increases activity of one of genes (NRF2) that protects lung cells of injuries.</p> <p><b>SEAFOOD</b>. Rich with poly-satiate fat acids - vitamins of E group, they help clearing vessels of atherosclerosis plaques. Especially healthy are:</p> <p>sea cabbage;</p> <p>salmon;</p> <p>herring.</p> <p><b>CELERY</b>. Before smoking celery salad is a good way to spoil taste of cigarette. It put offs any desire to smoke. The same property also have:</p> <p>cucumber;</p> <p>vegetable marrow;</p> <p>eggplant;</p> <p>haricot;</p> <p>asparagus.</p> <p><b>RED WINE</b>. A glass of red dry wine a day reduces risk of lung cancer among smokers and those who quit smoking, affirm researchers from South California. Their observation has shown: people who smoked but also drunk one glass of red wine it was 60 % less than smokers who haven't drunk wine.</p> <p><b>FRESH JUICES</b>. Smokers need them even more than non-smokers - mainly, because of detoxification properties of such juices. First of all, they refill necessity in liquid that is increased for smokers significantly. Secondly, cellulose and pectin substances that fresh juice contains in its' pulp, neutralize toxins of cigarette smoke.</p> <p>The best fresh juices for smokers are:</p> <p>orange;</p> <p>grapefruit;</p> <p>cherry;</p> <p>mango;</p> <p>pomegranate;</p> <p>apple (not clarified).</p>