<b>Devil is not so terrible as it is painted</b> <p> Smoking Ė itís a physiologically necessary process for the human organism. Nicotine kills 36 species of microbes, 8 of which are damaging. Under the nicotineís influence, old and attenuated cerebrum cells die out. Tar, which settles on the internal surface of the lungs during smoking a cigarette, hampers the access for air to the air-cells, forcing the organism to intensify pulmonary blood flow. Itís possible to get the same effect without smoking, but you have to do intensive exercises or hard breathers. The process of smokeís inhaling and the smokerís coughing is the natural and necessary respiratory gymnastics. Nonsmokers use their organism out early, working without a smoking break. Nicotine is a good support in prophylaxis of severe mental disorder. Smokers abstract theirselves from problems at work, they joke and relax. As we all know, smile makes our life a minute longer, and one cigarette makes it 3 minutes shorter. So, itís enough to smile 3 times during the smoking break and the mythical harm of tobacco come to naught. Besides, temporary lack of oxygen brain feeding makes it work with double activity after a smoking break and it surely produces the effect on the performance quality. <p> The smokerís favors vary greatly - everybody choose what to smoke Ė different cigarettes brands, pipes or snuff. Nonsmokers deprive them selves from such a wide specter of sensations, impoverishing their inward life. <p> Smokers accommodate to life easier. In a crucial moment, he has matches in his pocket to make fire or light the way. Smoker doesnít have problems if he wants to make new acquaintances. He needs only to ask for the light. <p> The medicinal effect of smoking cigarettes becomes apparent during the mature age of the smokers. They see things clearly, become sober and aim at healthy life style. Long-term smoking unloading allows people to gain weight, the face fills with fresh blood, and the pulse becomes rapid. <p> You donít have to think that itís some kind of propaganda of smoking. I just try to say that the devil is not so terrible as it is painted. <p>