<p><b>Neutral cigarette packs will cause increase of counterfeit products, considers Criminology Professor</b></p> <p>Plans of European Commission for demanding stricter requirements to tobacco industry can cause increase of criminal activity, consider authors of research that was financed by Philip Morris.</p> <p>In the research named Transcrime were considered plans for introducing neutral cigarette packs, transferring health care expenses to tobacco Companies and prohibition of shop-windows with <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> in sales outlet that are examined in Brussels.</p> <p>Research was made by Ernesto Savona, Criminology Professor from Milan, who previously worked in European Commission on estimation of crimes' influence.</p> <p>In the report of research is said that ban of branded packs may lead to situation when smokers begin buying counterfeit products. It may lead to creation of area in which consumers will lose ability to distinguish real product from fake one. On March 30th Britain government has presented law draft about prohibition of displays with tobacco products in big shops in England.</p> <p>After what three months council begins with society representatives that will show if Great Britain needs to approve usual and standardized packs of tobacco products with purpose to protect children from tobacco advertising.</p> <p>"Risk of tobacco products falsification, most probably, will rise, of course, if will not be taken measures for preventing such course of events", is said in the report.</p> <p>As cigarette in simple packs is easier to falsify, prosperity of falsification and contraband of such products will reduce to zero any decrease of smoking level in the country. If you make tobacco Companies pay health care expenses on "polluting ecology payments" principle, this will increase attractiveness of smuggling and will create large black market that will be difficult to be found for police. Insufficient estimation of criminal consequences of these offers by European Commission is just amazing, is said in the report.</p>