<p><b>Which countries cannot visit smokers?</b></p> <p>Lighted up a cigarette? Be so kind and go to hospital ward. You don't want to treat? You'll have to leave your home. On the Earth appeared first islands, provinces and countries where smoking is fully prohibited. In the nearest years their example will follow others. In some <b>cigarettes</b> will start to be sold only on prescription, but "illegal" smoking will be equaled to crime.</p> <p>On World Conference "Tobacco and health" that took place in Singapore recently were present new method of smoking control.</p> <p>Place for conference was not chosen by accident by its organizers: in Singapore combat with tobacco during 30 years. For these years they have managed to reduce consumption by number of times. Here is prohibited to smoke almost everywhere - in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, night clubs, near buildings, in the parks. In the nearest future Singapore residents born after 2000 will not have right not only to buy but also to store <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>. And price of <b>cigarettes</b> is not low - in average 10 USD.</p> <p>About their experience in tobacco smoking control on the conference told representatives of almost one hundred countries. Where informed the following figures: 20 % of Earth population is tobacco smokers; among them 800 millions of men and 20 millions of women.</p> <p>In some countries resort to the most unexpected methods of struggle with smokers and tobacco lobbyists; for example, hand out to passerby pants with strikethrough cigarette on it. Papua Island, Bhutan and some provinces in Israel have wholly refused tobacco. It cannot be consumed anywhere and in any form. If you want to smoke - go to live to another county. New Zealand representatives have declared on Conference that they introduce whole tobacco ban to 2025. Icelanders have informed that was made decision to sell <b>cigarettes</b> only on prescription during 10 years.</p>